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Since the 1st of January 2011, N.O.Gallery has begun a process of transformation: an evolution that sees art become a vehicle for the renewal, expansion and diffusion of ideas.

The principal objective of this action is to consolidate links between the Corporate world, artists and the art market, which are all interconnected by the values of creativity, professionalism, dedication, research and innovation.

N.O.Gallery therefore becomes a migratory exhibition module – N.O.Gallery Outside Area – which intends to involve as many realities as possible in order to create a forum for interaction and exchange amongst these different constituent realities.

N.O.Gallery aims to provide a platform which stimulates the public to come closer to, and take interest in contemporary art through the choice and production of artistic multiples.

N.O.Gallery, today an entirely new entity, promotes exchange between different subjects, people and professional realities; this is made possible by the implementation of a new, collaborative involvement between artists working on site specific projects and Public and Private Institutions, Galleries and Enterprises.

Interview to Ilaria Barbeiri Marchi on ARTE Mondadori, October 2010


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